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Company Introduction
  Nanjing Urban Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in March 2012, joined by renowned experts and urban construction elite of Nanjing, in order to adapt to the development of urban construction, with independent legal person qualification, construction in road engineering, foundation engineering, bridge engineering, municipal engineering, earth and stone engineering, landscape engineering, and provide engineering technical consulting services and sales of building materials.

We can provide complete sets of solutions of asphalt pavement maintenance, overhaul and medium repair design, scientific research, testing, and white to black PCC pavement design, scientific research, testing for the owners. We have the advantages especially in the rubber asphalt concrete pavement, asphalt rubber stress absorbing layer construction, rubber asphalt bridge deck waterproof layer construction, asphalt pavement slurry seal, micro surfacing construction. The company has a rubber asphalt production equipment with the most advanced in the world, according to the different design schemes, rubber asphalt production for different purposes. Rubber asphalt production equipment feed capable of automatically measuring, automatic computer control of the whole process, continuous at the production site. We have the world's most advanced rubber asphalt spraying equipment, can according to different rubber asphalt for waterproof layer reservoir, for the gravel cover surface sprinkling engineering construction.This equipment has the function of thermal insulation, heating and stirring, according to the requirement of the project, to ensure that the rubber asphalt temperature and consistency, control cover area of sprinkling oil quantity uniformity by computer. To tie in with the rubber asphalt stress absorbing layer construction, we have imported to the continuity of gravel spreader, and a plurality of domestic advanced stone spreader, adopts the mechanical control spread paving and automatic continuous operation, can be spread evenly on rubber asphalt macadam, to meet the requirements of various pavement construction. We provide the rubber asphalt, SBS modified asphalt, high performance of emulsified asphalt, epoxy asphalt, anti rutting agent, high performance crack paste.

As a high-tech enterprise modernization, we will be adhering to the "unity, development, responsibility,contribution" of the enterprise culture the purpose, seeking to the "sincerity, enterprise, rigour, excellence" of spirit of enterprise and faith, insisting to the "quality is life, service is tenet" of business principles, keep the company in the industry forefront. We are willing to friends at home and abroad to carry out a wide, diverse forms of exchange and cooperation, and develop with urban construction together.

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